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2016 Water and Wastewater Rate Study

What is the purpose of the rate study?

•Identify the “true cost” to deliver water to the different users  
•Determine funding needed over the next 5-10 years to operate and maintain the utility systems
•Create adequate revenue to fund CIP (Capital Improvement Program)
•Ensure costs are allocated equitably for all customer classes
•Establish appropriate rate schedules for five years
•To meet all legal requirements for water and waste water rates
What are the goals of the rate study?
•Adequately fund the water and waste water systems
•Operate systems safely and provide clean, safe and reliable water
•Meet regulations and environmental standards
•Fund future system rehabilitation costs
•Provide timely maintenance extending assets’ useful lives as far as possible
•Ensure existing water sources remain viable
•Build reserve funding for emergencies and changing regulatory compliance
•Ensure equitable cost allocation
•Compliance with Proposition 218 and other legal requirements 
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