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St. Helena Energy Options

St. Helena City Council has voted to offer electricity ratepayers within the City of St. Helena additional choices for their electricity. On November 24th 2015, City Council voted to request membership into MCE Clean Energy Community Choice Electricity Program. The request was approved by MCE’s Board of Directors on April 21st, 2016 finalizing the program for St. Helena electricity ratepayers. Starting in September electricity ratepayers in St. Helena will be automatically opted into MCE’s LightGreen program however all electricity ratepayers have the option to choose from a variety MCE programs or revert back to basic PG&E service.

How it Works

MCE provides additional choices for electricity ratepayers by replacing PG&E electricity generation with choices for renewable energy generation products. PG&E continues to provide transmission and distribution of the electricity, rebates for energy efficiency upgrades, and monthly billing to customers. By joining MCE, instead of purchasing PG&E’s 30% renewable electricity, MCE customers will have the choice of a variety of MCE electricity programs, or continuing with PG&Es electricity. Additional programs available to ratepayers include MCE Light Green (52% renewable energy), MCE Deep Green (100% renewable energy) for both residential and commercial customers. MCE also offers 100% local solar program.

Electricity ratepayers can opt out of MCE’s program at any time and return to PG&E for their electricity generation. Sstarting in September, MCE's Light Green 50% energy option will be slightly cheaper than PG&E's 30% option. The Deep Green 100% option is usually around $5 more per month than the Light Green 50% option. St. Helena ratepayers should evaluate these options carefully.

Net Metered Customers

Customers with net metered renewable energy systems will benefit from MCE Energy Programs as MCE offers all customers with a credit balance of $100 or more an annual cash payout.  Excess generation credits are paid at the retail generation rate, plus $0.01 for each kWh.  However, solar customers will need to be strategic about opting into MCE's net metered energy programs. Opting into MCE programs before your current PG&E true-up date could result in the loss of a customer's current generation credits. For this reason, MCE recommends opting in to MCE programs after your true-up date with PG&E. Solar customers will be receiving more information with your July PG&E statement. Also, Net Metered customers should discuss their options with an MCE representative by calling 1-888-632-3674.

More Information

To learn more about Marin Clean Energy’s program to determine what program is right for you, please visit Customers may also call MCE at 1-888-632-3674. 

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Those interested may participate in meetings and visit MCE at special events to learn more information about MCE programs. Meetings and events are posted at



Community Town Hall Meeting

Wednesday July 20th at 6:00PM

Calistoga Community Center

1307 Washington Street

Calistoga, CA 94515



Musical Picnics in Lyman Park

2nd and 4th Thursdays of June, July and August

MCE will be at Lyman Park to answer your questions.